The Good Grocer

Discover a world
of goodness

The Good Grocer isn’t your average supermarket. Their shelves are packed with fresh local goodies and premium foods from all corners of the globe.

"Discover a World of Goodness" is all about celebrating the fun of exploring new flavors and finding delicious surprises around every corner of the store. To bring this concept to life, we built whimsical worlds using fresh Good Grocer products. Each world represented different offerings from the store, including a fresh produce scene, a bakery and breakfast scene, and a cheese platter world. We also created a Christmas edition with plum pudding mountains.

The artwork was used across multiple platforms, including TVCs, digital ads, social media posts, print materials, and in-store displays. As an added touch, we placed some of our mini explorers from the campaign within the store for kids to discover, adding an extra layer of fun to the experience.




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